Whether it is a host family, flat or B&B, every one is visited by our staff before being accepted on to our accommodation list. We carefully monitor each place to guarantee they are maintaining the highest standards and meeting our students’ needs. This monitoring process includes student feedback through students’ personal contact with our staff as well as student questionnaires.

We understand that accommodation
is a vitally important part of your stay while attending our language courses.

Host Family

Spending time with your host family is another great opportunity to practise your English and get an insight into the culture of Ireland, the Irish people and the English speaking world.

Our host families are excellent – they are friendly, warm and welcoming; the houses clean and comfortable; most of them live within walking distance of the school. They will provide half‑board accommodation for Adult students with single room, breakfast & dinner; Junior students get full board.

Deluxe Host

These families offer a 5‑star hotel‑like service and students can enjoy a normal
host family life at the same time.
Limited availability.

Room Rent with
Host Family

An ideal option for long‑term students who would like to keep costs down but at the same time enjoy the company of an Irish Host Family. Students pay rent to the Host Family on a room‑only basis, arrange their own food and laundry.

House or
Flat Share

Another popular option for long-term students and it can be a really nice choice for someone who would like to be independent or be with fellow students. We can organise suitable accommodation to suit your individual needs.

Hotel or B&B

There are a number of excellent hotels (3 to 5 stars) and B&Bs near the school and most of them are within easy walking distance. We assure you a comfortable stay.

Our team is there to help you throughout your time with us and to guarantee your whole language learning experience in Ireland is one you will have warm and happy memories of for many years to come.

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